This software is no longer being developed, because NeoBook has ended its software development.


This application uses MyDefrag to defragment the hard disk drive. The user can set drives, priority, and scripts to be run in sequence. A screensaver companion application is available and can run any individual script.


Main Version EXE | PUB
SCR Version (requires EXE): SCR | PUB
  • To use the screensaver, place the SCR and EXE files in the following directory.

Required functions and plugins

Known problems

  • There are cases of MyDefrag aborting when screensaver runs MyDefrag after Windows workstation has been locked.
  • There is a case of Main Version being flagged by Avast Home AntiVirus. This is a false positive report. The application does not contain any sort of evil code! This has been fixed starting with version


  • Some EXE files are compressed with UPX. This may cause a false-positive alert with certain antivirus applications.
  • Some applications may require administrative rights to the computer.
  • Some applications have embedded files that are not provided with pubs, but these are not usually central to understanding how the pub works.
  • Some applications create a single registry entry to save the location of the application window.
  • Some applications overwrite text files in the application’s directory. Putting applications in their own directories is recommended.
  • Initialization files may need to be deleted when updating with new versions. Some initialization files may contain important settings or other information.
  • Version histories are available
  • A Windows security update may prevent opening of CHM files that are downloaded from the Internet. To resolve this problem, clear the “Always ask before opening this file” check box in the Open File-Security Warning dialog box, and then click Open. If you click “Open” without clearing the checkbox, the help file’s table of contents will appear, but the body text will not. This is an issue only if you download the CHM file directly. The EXE file contains the CHM file and can display it without difficulty.


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