This software is no longer being developed, because NeoBook has ended its software development.

This a collection of widgets made using NeoBook.

appSwitcherQuickly switch to other applications.
assocView and edit file associations
battMonMonitor computer’s battery
bitnessGet the bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) of the system’s architecture
borderFunction that gets Windows window border and caption sizes
case2Function that determines whether a string is upper-case, lower-case, or mixed-case.
CalcThis is a calculator with three modes.
ClipsThis is a scratchpad for editing and calculating.
ColorDropperShow the code of the color under the cursor.
ColorsSelect a color and view its RGB, hex, and HSL values.
CompareFileTimesFunction that compares the timestamps of two files.
ContactsDisplay contacts from a text file created by Microsoft Outlook.
CombosGet combinations of items.
DefragDefragment the hard disk drive.
dbBrowseBrowse and search a text file.
DiscBuildAssemble files and folders for burning a disc.
DiskFreeReport free space on disk drives.
FileAssocReadFunction that gets the application path associated with a file extension.
FileBackupRepeatedly copy a file to a target directory.
FileIdentifyExample of how to identify and run an executable file.
FileIdentify2Example of how to identify and run an executable file automatically.
FileizeFileize renames selected files so that they do not contain spaces.
GetActivePowerSchemeFunction that gets the active Windows power scheme
GetEnvirVarFunction that gets the value of a Windows environment variable.
GetFilesListFunction that gets a list of files in a directory and its subdirectories.
GetMuteFunction that determines whether master volume is muted.
GetProcPathFunction that gets the full path of a running process.
GetProcsFunction that gets a list of running processes.
GetProductNameFunction that gets a file’s product name.
GetShortPathFunction that gets the shortened (8.3) version of a path.
GetSystemInfoFunction that gets information about the computer system.
GetSystemUptimeFunction that gets the Windows uptime.
GetVerFunction that gets a program’s version number.
hex2textFunction that converts hex characters to ASCII text.
ICSExample of how to parse an iCalendar file.
IGcaptureDownload and save Instagram images.
ImageFromVideoExtract an image from a video file
ImageSplitSplit an image into parts
Internet CheckFigure out when the Internet comes back up.
IsAppRunningFunction to determine if an application is running.
IsInternetActiveCheck for an active Internet connection.
IsWindowVisibleFunction to determine if window is visible
IsWlanConnectedFunction to determine if wireless LAN is connected
KeysFunction that sends key presses into the active window.
killProcKill running processes.
LNKThis function creates a LNK file.
LRCCreate a LRC text file for synchronized lyrics
ModFunction that computes the modulo of two numbers.
MicMuteMute your microphone level.
MimageHide and encrypt files inside an image file.
NoteCreate a yellow sticky note.
PasteFunction that pastes the contents of the Windows Clipboard into the active window.
PriorityChange an application’s priority.
PrintTextPrint a text file from the command line.
PrintersDelete registry keys for missing printers.
RecycleFunction to move a file to the Recycle Bin.
RecycleBinEmptyFunction to empty the Windows Recycle Bin.
RecycleItSend local and network files to Recycle Bin via command line.
RegJump2Jump to a registry key specified on the command line.
regKeyExistsFunction that determines whether a registry key exists.
rgbToHSVFunction that converts RGB to HSV color values.
RightFunction to output the rightmost characters of a string.
runWaitRun a set of application in sequence.
SeeMeAssign new drive letters to unrecognized removable disk volumes.
SimpleInternetCheckCheck for an active Internet connection.
StartupDiffCheck for changes to startup items.
StopTimeStopwatch and countdown timer.
TaskCheckThis program highlights changes to Windows Scheduled Tasks (Task Scheduler) since the last check.
taskManagerEnableThis function allows the user to enable or disable the Windows task manager.
titleCaseThis function converts a string to title case (capitalized initials).
Timer2Delay execution of a program by command line.
toBackSend an application to the back.
UniTunesAllows up to four users to use iTunes on one computer, without having to log out of Windows to change users.
URLsMaintain favorite URLs in a database.
View and Rename PDFView and rename groups of PDF files.
ViewerZoom and pan images.
Volume OSDUse your keyboard to adjust speaker volume quickly.
WinsCloseClose visible windows.
WordCounterOn-the-fly counter of words and characters.


  • Some EXE files are compressed with UPX. This may cause a false-positive alert with certain antivirus applications.
  • Some applications may require administrative rights to the computer.
  • Some applications have embedded files that are not provided with pubs, but these are not usually central to understanding how the pub works.
  • Some applications create a single registry entry to save the location of the application window.
  • Some applications overwrite text files in the application’s directory. Putting applications in their own directories is recommended.
  • Initialization files may need to be deleted when updating with new versions. Some initialization files may contain important settings or other information.
  • Version histories are available
  • A Windows security update may prevent opening of CHM files that are downloaded from the Internet. To resolve this problem, clear the “Always ask before opening this file” check box in the Open File-Security Warning dialog box, and then click Open. If you click “Open” without clearing the checkbox, the help file’s table of contents will appear, but the body text will not. This is an issue only if you download the CHM file directly. The EXE file contains the CHM file and can display it without difficulty.
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